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发布于: 2023-02-06 10:31:17

Recruitment position: Management Trainee

The management trainee program is held annually (from May to July). Through the recruitment of the corresponding and previous graduates, a group of students with plasticity are selected and trained in all aspects by the company to become employees with qualified job skills and independent post responsibilities. Enterprises hope to meet the talent demand brought by the rapid development and business expansion of the company through independent cultivation.

Our aim is that it is better to recruit talents than to cultivate talents ourselves.

Job description:

1. Training stage of management trainee: training (understanding the company, showing oneself) - Internship (experiencing the front line) - rotation (rotation of each department) - fixed post (target position)

2. In each stage, the company will provide comprehensive professional training

3. The company provides clear and diversified career development opportunities for management trainees

Job requirements:

1. Hope to become a manager or core position staff, and willing to pay more than ordinary people's efforts.

2. He has a lively, cheerful, affinity, strong sense of responsibility; good communication and coordination ability; strong sense of teamwork; strong ability to resist pressure and adapt to changes; good image and temperament.

3. Bachelor degree or above, excellent results, pharmacy, finance, marketing, human resources and other related majors, fresh graduates are preferred.

Salary: the salary of each stage is different, and the salary is 5000-7000 yuan

Recruitment position: Intern of each department

Job description: assist all departments of the company (such as human resources department, production department, finance department, securities department, etc.) and

Post work, complete the task assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. Over 20 years old, male or female, college degree or above, major is not limited.

2. Obey the company's arrangement, abide by the company's system, be united and friendly, and be positive.

3. Diligent, honest, hardworking and responsible.

Salary: internship allowance, three meals and accommodation are provided according to working days

Recruitment Contact information

Recruitment telephone::024-85999332;:024-85999332

Email: CHN-HR@gz-sanli.com

All qualified candidates, regardless of race, color, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, origin, protected military status or disability status, or any specific group protected by law, will be offered equal employment opportunities.